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WELL Diamond Wire Saws
WP Diamond Wire
    Wei Pu Precision Hardware Electronics Co., Ltd. mainly manufacture diamond wire(fixed diamond saw-wire),e.g.(0.13mm, 0.14mm, 0.25mm, 0.31mm, 0.33mm, 0.35mm, 0.40mm, etc.), welcome to inquire!

At the same time,we aslo import any kinds equipment of photovoltaic solar power industry, all production lines equipment, semiconductor"s grinding and polishing equipment, metal grinding equipment, and laboratory sample preparation equipment and supplies of the professional service providers, many of our customers is 500 companies for various types of well-known and well-known enterprises and major education and research institutions, for our country"s solar power industry, the semiconductor industry, steel industry, automobile manufacturing and nano-technology industries to provide the necessary technical products and services.

Main Products agent has:
Production equipment:
Germany --- the world"s most advanced metal, semiconductor and photovoltaic solar power industry fully automated ultra-precision grinding equipment;

Germany KR-SLOAR --- the world"s first manufacturer for solar photovoltaic industry to provide turn-key lines and the program; --- that is, from the crystal growth furnace to manufacture all the required wafer process equipment;

Germany LOGOMATIC --- semiconductor and solar power to provide precision manufacturing equipment related to an essential and special customized equipment; --- and provide a variety of brittle materials cutting diamond wire cutting and many wearing parts and supplies, etc.;

France PRESI --- 2-12-inch double-sided precision wafer polishing equipment;

Switzerland WELL --- cutting sapphire, ceramics, glass, silicon and other brittle materials with high-speed precision single diamond wire cutting equipment; --- the world"s most high-speed single-wire cutting of diamond manufacturers;

Germany KW --- semiconductor and photovoltaic industries of key components of the production equipment (such as wire guid rollers, spindle, etc.)

Laboratory equipment:
France PRESI --- the world"s most advanced metallographic sample preparation equipment;

France PRESI --- the world"s most advanced professional hardness testing equipment;

JAPAN NIKON --- the best cost-effective world-renowned micro-optical devices;

Switzerland WELL --- cutting ceramic, glass, crystal, silicon materials and other brittle materials with precision wire-cutting equipment; --- the world"s first manufacturer of diamond wire cutting equipment;

Germany LOGOMATIC--- cut sapphire, ceramics, glass, crystal and silicon materials with diamond wire cutting machine; --- the world"s fastest manufacturer of diamond wire cutting manchine;

Germany --- the world"s most advanced grinding system of metal and semiconductor-like precision grinding equipment (such as thinning machine);

France PRESI --- 6-inch, 8 inch, 12-inch double-sided precision wafer polishing equipment;

Not only that, We agent also other types of well-known laboratory testing equipment and consumables and welcome to inquire.

Name: Diamond Wire
Spec: 0.14mm,0.25mm,0.31mm,0.35mm,0.42mm
Name: Precision Hardest Diamond Wire Saw(5237)
Spec: 5237
Name: Tabletop machine(4240)
Spec: 4240
Name: Precision Vertical Diamond Wire Saw(3242)
Spec: 3242
Name: Precision Vertical Diamond Wire Saw(3241)
Spec: 3241
Name: Precision Horizontal Diamond Wire Saw (3032)
Spec: 3032
Name: Precision Diamond Wire Saw (9245)
Spec: 9245
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